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More comments about our workshops:

"Ahhh, I just found out how to link my Business Page. Thanks again for the great event today."Jim


  "Thank you for this amazing event. I feel like a FB ninja now!" Noel

We are a leader in digital marketing and focus on Facebook and Constant Contact Email Marketing presentations and training.


HUTdogs focuses on social media education. We constantly study the ever-evolving nature of social media and enjoy helping business owners and professionals understand how they can benefit from social media and email marketing.  Our presentation style focuses on both the strategy and the “how to” of using today’s marketing tools.

Teaching and coaching entrepreneurs, business people, non-profits and individuals how to use and leverage Facebook has become a specialty. We often team up with other experts to provide educational events and seminars. 

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Our workshops are designed to help you develop your internet marketing strategies get you going with facebook, social networking, email marketing and other online tools. In our sessions, you will Learn, Network and Do. Learn new technology, tips and tricks. Network with like minded entrepreneurs and get busy and Do the things you have learned. 

Want to host a workshop and showcase your business, Chamber of Commerce or organization?

HUTdogs Showcase events are workshops and seminars that take place at your place. It's a great way to get people to your location while at the same time providing a valuable service to your community. Ask us about how you can host a workshop.


HUTdogsCheckListLogo.jpg Can't find the time to attend a HUTdogs Workshop? We have developed action oriented checklists to help you move your business forward with social media and online marketing. Work and learn at your own pace. Learn more>>


What business owners are saying about HUTdogs workshops and webinars:

"I used what I learned in your Facebook workshop and encouraged folks to share my post. Long story short, one of my Fans shared my post with her Friends, and I booked 12 new tour clients! And better yet, these people were in Atlanta GA. Folks I'd never met before!" Marcia, Los Angeles
"I’d like to thank you very much for such a fun and educational workshop! I was at your Build Your Marketing Toolkit presentation yesterday, at PCC (Pasadena City College) and absolutely had a blast! Thank you for all the support you provide to small businesses and non-profits!" Francesca
"I learned so much from HUTdogs last night. I am a seasoned marketing professional with old marketing and have really needed to get on board with the whole E-marketing and Social Media channels. This was a wonderful kick-starter for me. I came out of the presentation feeling energized and excited about the possibilities."  Isabel
"Ooooo! Ahhhh!"  Audience reaction at a Facebook for business workshop as they discover how they can use a Page for their business.
"I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was attending your workshop last evening. You tailored your presentation just right for the general audience and I think in doing so, took a lot of the fear out of expanding into social media for a lot of people. So many companies use industry "buzz words" to make themselves feel important and their clients feel uneducated, thereby needing them more!  You guys are completely upfront with your recommendations and ideas and it is clear that you really want to help people get results. I got a lot of ideas for ways I can cross-promote using the various tools and it was well worth my time." Susan
"Thank you, It was such a pleasure to be there. I feel like I learned a lot in just 2 hours!"  Susann
"Your seminar on facebook was great.  Just what I needed to know as a new adopter.  You were able to communicate a way for me to look at this tool that made sense to me and now I feel that I can help my clients. Thank you!
Ps- have been trying to “understand” Facebook for 2 years and totally clueless until your seminar yesterday!  Yay!"
“Your Facebook class, it was excellent! It was very informative and helped me think about how I can approach my marketing.” Sybil

“The Workshop was really great. I’m impressed with what you are doing and how you make such a broad topic informative and interesting.” Don

“I commend you on having to teach people like me who find most of this technology counter intuitive to how I think and work. The Webinar and your follow up absolutely helped and I have started my fan page!!!”  Susanna

"I had a great time at your workshop. Learned so much, networked and had a great time. All of the speakers were outstanding and I felt that we could have gone several hours more!"  Paula

"You did it again and it just keeps getting better.....Thanks so much for the Social Media Event this morning. Your expertise in social media and business branding has made a huge difference in the success of my Facebook Page and website in promoting my anti aging skincare and SofTap permanent makeup business." Linda  

“I went to the HUTdogs Social Media seminar expecting a review of what I already know, and was blown away with new ideas, tools, and strategies available for online marketing.” Brooke

“Amazing presentation! First Social Media presentation I saw that made sense and offered great tips for business.” Dwight

“Thank you for a wonderful workshop on Social Media. It was informative and helpful.” Dharmesh